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A lightweight, natural wispy lash that will instantly lift your eyes. These lashes are made out of the finest synthetic fibers with an ultra thin, clear band. Made to be worn with or without eyeliner. Each pair can be used up to 10 times with care.
"My goal was to create a product that is aesthetically beautiful, but comfortable as well. The band of the lashes is very thin, making them comfortable and very lightweight. One of my favorite aspects is that band itself is clear, so they can be applied without eyeliner. TRU Lashes are designed to instantly lift the eyes, flaring elegantly at the ends. And best of all, the high-quality, ultra thin fibers give my consumers a look that is incredibly natural."
- Andy T. - TRU Lashes Creator and Founder
I am a strong believer that you should not harm others for the sake of beauty. That is why I assure you that my products are cruelty free! :)



Image of Ethereal Image of Ethereal Image of Ethereal